I don't often write to my elected representatives, however, I feel that these are very important issues. I would be remiss and fail my duty as a productive caring American if I do not express my views and wishes that are of great importance to those in office who are delegated to act with regard to maters that effect me directly, as well as all Americans.

There is no valid reason to give the FDA more power towards vitamin supplements, when they haven't done a good job with the power they already have against herbs like Ephedra. Not too mention they have failed in restricting the key ingredients that have no other real commercial purpose other than the production of methamphetamine, for example.

Public confidence in the safety and quality of dietary supplements has come under pressure because the FDA has not taken action to enforce the laws protecting supplemental rights. While also allowing pharmaceutical products of questionable or outright fraudulent safeness to be allowed on the market. You will have to look no further than recent breaking news, but do not minimize the danger of excitotoxins such as MSG and Aspartame in this regard.

When millions of voting citizens come together to pass a law like the citizen's referendum which created DSHEA, you know the rights it protects are very important. I'm sure I speak for the majority of voters when I demand a congressional inquiry into the practices of the FDA.

It is my firm belief that if measures are enacted that restrict our access to vitamins and minerals under the auspices of the FDA, World Trade Organization, and the Codex Alimentarius is allowed to homogenize our rights in lock-step with insane measures that favor pharmaceutical interests primarily. Then, after the voting public has realized what has occurred if not before then, you and other seated officials who are supposed to be acting in our best interest, and are then exposed to have failed will easily be able to measure the publics reaction thereof or thereafter. Such measures will not be tolerated here as it has been in Europe.

Let us not fail our duties to the general-welfare and good of the people and not acquiesce to the lobbies of special interest and other interests to the detriment of the interest of the common-good.

"Codex Alimentarius" The Greatest Threat to Health in the History of Mankind


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